Can a Phone Screen Crack by Itself?

Can a Phone Screen Crack by Itself?

Usually, a phone cannot crack by itself. But when there is a short circuit of a battery blast inside the device, a crack in the phone screen and the back cover can be cracked on their own.

So in this article, we discuss what causes a phone screen to be cracked automatically and accidentally, and we try to explain to you the tips and tricks that you can use in order to protect your phone’s screen. So stick until the end to find out what you’ve been looking for.

What are the possible reasons for a phone screen to be cracked?

  1. Dropping it on a concrete floor.
  2. Keep your device in your back pocket when you’re out and about.
  3. You run into objects when you’re walking around with your phone in your pocket or purse.
  4. Using anything but a stylus as a stylus
  5. Internal short circuit.
  6. Battery exploding.

So first, let’s discuss why you shouldn’t use a phone with a cracked screen without repairing it.


Why do the phone glasses crack, and what is the principle behind it?

Can a Phone Screen Crack By Itself
Can a Phone Screen Crack By Itself?

When you drop your phone, a small amount of elastic energy is transferred into acoustic energy, which is the noise you hear.

The majority of the elastic energy contained in the glass, on the other hand, will be transferred into two (or more) new surface energies, resulting in a break (or several cracks).

Can you still use your phone if the screen is cracked?

Yes, you can always use your phone when it is cracked. But you already know that a cracked phone screen can pose a risk for you. The following are the things you can do when your phone is cracked.

Cracking Your Phone: What to Do?

At first, you must determine whether or not your phone’s screen has been damaged. If you look closely, then you may find some very minute pieces of glass here and there. As a result, be extremely cautious and avoid cutting yourself.

Check to see if your phone’s screen has been cracked or completely smashed by looking at it. Temporary solutions may be available, depending on the situation. You should also check to see if the screen itself is damaged or if the protective layer is the problem.

Begin by Taking Small Steps.

When a phone’s screen is broken, why is it critical to take prompt action? Naturally, dust, moisture, and dirt are kept out of the machines by the design of the smartphones. When your phone’s screen breaks, it loses all of its protection against water and dust.

Apply a Temporary Seal to the Objects

To prevent the small crack from spreading or deepening, use a temporary sealant on the cracked area of your phone’s screen.

The cyanoacrylate compound is what you’ll be using to create this temporary seal. Make sure the entire crack is covered by tilting your phone back and forth. It must be applied evenly, and any extra should be wiped away.

Now, wait for the glue to dry before using it. You should know that this is merely a short-term solution. You can also use a screen protector to hide the crack until it can be fixed by a professional.

Why shouldn’t you use a phone with a cracked screen?

A cracked glass screen can pose a great risk to you. SO knowing the possible risks will help you to be safeguarded.

Radiation exposure:

Smartphones already emit some radiation, but not enough to be harmful to humans. However, when your phone’s screen cracks, it allows additional radiation from the phone to escape, which is detrimental to the human body system.

Putting the phone’s internal components at risk:

A cracked or fractured screen has lost parts of its glass protection on the screen, allowing liquids, dust, and grime to reach the phone’s internal components that were previously covered by the screen.

If a liquid material seeps into the phone’s internal components, you risk entirely ruining the phone because the liquid substance can destroy the internal components as well as the motherboard.

Putting your fingertips in danger:

Because smartphone screens are composed of glass, using the phone puts your fingertips at risk. When you swipe on the damaged screen, you risk slashing your fingertips. That’s not something you’d want to go through.


When your phone’s screen is shattered or cracked, the touch screen begins to misbehave, and your phone stops responding to touch rapidly. The response time will now be delayed because of the cracked or broken screen.

Display flaws:

When the screen on your smartphone breaks, the quality of the display suffers, and you won’t be able to read your messages.

Because some of the screens were entirely damaged by the impact of the fall, you may wind up straining your eyes to make sense of what was displayed on the screen.

This is incredibly harmful to your eyesight, and you’ll also lose time trying to figure out what’s on the screen.


When you are unable to execute specific actions on the phone due to the phone not reacting to your touch, using a phone with a cracked screen becomes more challenging.

Touch of the ghost:

This is referred to as ghost touching since your phone will begin to operate as if you were the one touching the screen. This is due to the damage caused by the shattered screen.

How can I fix a tiny crack in the phone screen?

Request that the product’s creator addresses the issue.

You can be eligible for a free replacement phone if yours is still covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.

There may still be a way to get the issue fixed by the manufacturer even though the warranty has expired. Secondary warranties can be purchased to cover incidental damages that are not covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.

Apple provides some methods for repairing cracked screens on iOS devices if you have an iPhone.         

Packing tape can be used for this purpose.

Place a small piece of packing tape over the cracks with a utility knife. Use a knife to trim the tape if the damage is on the phone’s side.

You’ll need super glue for this one.

Superglue, or cyanoacrylate glue, may fill even small gaps. Use as little glue as possible and gently wipe away any excess with a cotton swab or cloth before continuing with your project.

Replacement of the touchscreen glass can be done for as little as $10-$20 if the touchscreen is still functional. You’ll need different tools depending on the sort of phone you have.

Request assistance from your wireless provider.

Customers of your mobile service provider may be eligible for a discount on phone repair services. If you need assistance, then you can reach out to customer service or a nearby shop.

Visit a service center.

Depending on the type of your phone, a new screen can cost anywhere from $50 to $200. There will be an additional charge if the touchscreen capability is destroyed.

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