How to Disable the Status Bar Dating App Notification Icons on Android?

How to Disable the Status Bar Dating App Notification Icons on Android?

The dating app notifications usually come from the Chrome web browser. This happens when you ‘allow’ those sites you browse to send you notifications about their services and news. So those notifications can easily be disabled in the notification setting in Google Chrome and other web browsers. 

It is very disgusting when the dating bar app notifications are displayed right after the data connection is turned ON, or connected to the WiFi. This does not matter when you only see those.

But if your friends or family notice those notifications, they will read you as a playboy. So those notifications have to be blocked or avoided, and in this article, we will discuss how to disable dating app notifications on the status bar.

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What are push notifications in dating apps?

User retention is heavily influenced by push notifications. Not only for alerting users when they receive a message from a potential match, but also for bringing users back to your app and keeping them there. These are among the most important dating app features.

Do you get notified when you have a Bumble match?

This message is sent when someone swipes right on your profile, but it does not indicate that you have a new match waiting for you. Once both users have swiped right on each other, a match is formed. You’ll be able to see the admirer in your beeline if you’re a Bumble Premium subscriber.

What are the icons at the top of my phone?

The status bar at the top of the home screen contains icons for monitoring your phone’s status.

The icons on the left provide information about apps, including new messages and downloads. Swipe the status bar down for details if you don’t know what one of these icons means.

The icons on the right provide information about your phone, including the battery life and network connection.

How to hide status bar notifications on Android?

Locking the device into Kiosk Mode is the first step in hiding the Android status bar/notification bar on Android devices using Mobile Device Manager Plus. 

Kiosk Mode enables the device to run particular apps while restricting access to other apps and device features, such as hiding the status bar. Follow the steps below to activate Android Kiosk Mode and remove the status bar and notification bar from Android devices.

  1. On the MDM console, navigate to Device Mgmt > Profiles > New Profile > Android to create an Android profile.
  2. Before creating a profile, please provide a name and a description.
  3. Select Kiosk from the left pane to create a Kiosk Mode profile.
  4. Select Single App if you wish to run a single application on the device, and Multi-app if you wish to run multiple applications on the device.
  5. Enter the name(s) of the application(s) that require provisioning in Kiosk.

What are floating notifications?

Floating Notifications are now available on devices running Android OS 11 or higher, so you can stay up to date with conversations and app notifications without having to scroll through your Notifications panel.

With the Bubbles option selected, you can see only conversations that are mutually compatible in Bubble view. Choose from a variety of apps that appear as a bubble and can be expanded into a smart pop-up view instead of the default smart pop-up view.

What do floating notifications look like?

Floating Notifications reads notifications and displays them as floating bubbles above whatever you’re doing.

It reminds me of the Chat Heads on Facebook. However, they are applicable to any app in this case. Notifications are displayed as small round icons, but you can change their appearance.

Are dating app notifications a virus?

No, those notifications may look like spam, but they are not because of a virus. It is a kind of a marketing technique they use.

So, as I mentioned above, all you need to do is to disable the notifications that you have enabled accidentally.

Those notifications can not steal any information or damage your phone. So you don’t have to worry about those things and you are completely safe from them. 

What is the NFC icon in the status bar?

You can tell that your phone has NFC enabled by looking at the ornate N. In order to exchange data, NFC (or Near Field Communication) enables devices to be placed close to one another. 

The NFC technology in smartphones allows you to share photos, contacts, and other data between NFC-enabled handsets.

Using an Oyster card to pay for public transportation or your bank card’s tap-to-pay feature to buy a morning coffee may have introduced you to NFC technology. 

In addition, mobile payment services like Android Pay and Samsung Pay use this method of payment.

What are notification categories?

We’ve now added Android notification categories to the Airship dashboard, building on our initial support for Android O. 

Your app’s users can customize the types of notifications they receive based on the categories you’ve set up for it, such as “promotions” or “breaking news.” Android notification channels are represented by categories in your app.

Single Take Notification Won’t Go Away; Fixed in 02 Min

How can I customize my Android status bar?

Here’s how to give your status bar a much-needed makeover. The status bar is the horizontal row of icons at the top of your screen, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about:

  1. Pull down the slider bar from the top of the screen to customize it.
  2. Then, in the top right corner, tap on the three vertical dots.
  3. Now go to the status bar and click it.
  4. You’ve been accepted. From the notification icons to the battery percentage, you can now customize the items in the panel.
  5. If that doesn’t satisfy your customization needs, you can use a third-party app to get a lot more.

Super Status Bar is my personal favorite, as it includes a ticker text preview of notifications, brightness and volume controls, gesture recognition, and other styling options.

What are the options for changing the icons in the Android notification bar?

  1. On your Android device, open the Material Status bar app and select the Customize tab (See image below).
  2. On the Customize screen, you’ll see the Customization options listed below. The Notification Shade tab, in addition to the customize tab, allows you to completely customize the notification center.

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