Why Does the Phone Hangs Up When I Answer?

Why Does the Phone Hangs Up When I Answer?

Usually, the phone hangs up when you answer because the call is from a robot (not a human), or your device is experiencing poor signal strength. 

Those are the most common reasons for this problem, and in this article, we will discuss each and every cause for the phone hanging up problem and every possible fix for it. So stick around until the end. Welcome to AndroidGameAPKs.

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Why does my phone keep ending calls when I answer?

As mentioned One of the main causes of dropped cellular calls on phones is weak cellular service. Verify there are at least two signal bars on your phone’s status bar. You’re probably far from the closest mobile tower if your phone has less than two signal bars.

What are the other possible reasons?


Some companies call you using robots for verification purposes, and in such cases, those calls cannot be answered and if you answer, they will be automatically hung up. 

Malware/ Virus.

There are some viruses that target phone calls and other communication methods. So if your phone is affected by such a virus, the calls may auto hang up when you try to answer them. 

Damaged touch screen.

I have personally faced this problem. My phone’s touch screen has been damaged near the end call button area, and some calls automatically end just after answering the call. So it is better you check the touch to make sure it is working well with no problem.

SIM card problems.

When there is a problem with your SIM card, the calls may automatically hang up. So you have to make sure the SIM card is working properly before sending the phone to repair. 

Those are the main cause and I see some other sites discuss many causes. But trust me, these are the all causes for this problem, and here comes another problem, how to fix the auto call hangup case?

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How to fix auto call hang up?

Fix Call Automatically Hang Up Problem Solved

Changing the service provider.

The first thing you have to check out is the mobile signal strength in your area. If the strength is too low, then changing to a service provider with good signal strength will fix that problem for you.

Restating the device.

Restating the device fixes many glitches and bugs in the system software. So if the case is due to a system glitch or a bug, then restarting will fix your problem at once. 

Scan for malware.

Install a good virus guard on your mobile and scan the device for any malware to find out if there is any virus attack on your mobile or not. If something is found take the measures recommended by the software.

Use flight mode.

Turn ON the flight mode and keep it ON for some time song turn it OFF back. Then try calling or answering the calls to make sure if the problem persists or not.

Repair the phone.

If nothing works, then it is time to send your phone to a repair place and get it repaired by them. Make sure you are explaining the problem clearly to the people at the service center.

How do I stop my iPhone from hanging up?

Set the airplane mode: Tap Settings > Switch on Airplane Mode, then wait five seconds to turn it off.

Check the settings on your phone.

Make sure your software is current:

  • Reinstall the SIM card if the iPhone has one.

The above methods will fix the problem for you if not, you will have to get the device repaired as mentioned previously.

How do I lock the screen without ending the call?

You must first activate the passcode if you wish to lock the screen while on a call rather than cutting the call short. After that, if you are on a call, you can lock the screen without cutting the call short by switching to a speaker or headphones and then pushing the power button (also known as the sleep/wake button).

How do you stop the side button from hanging up on iPhone 11?

  1. Log into your iPhone’s Settings.Click on Accessibility after swiping down.Click on Touch here.Deactivate the Lock to End Call toggle on the following screen.

What is an iPhone proximity sensor?

When you pick up a call and place the phone on your ear, the proximity sensor helps to switch off the screen. If your iPhone’s proximity sensor is giving you problems, you should fix it right away because it frequently leads to problems like unintentional touches when receiving calls.

Why my phone screen goes off during a call?

A sensor on your gadget can determine closeness. When your ear is close to the screen during voice calls, the proximity sensor disables the touch screen. This stops you from accidentally turning on other features of your device while you are on a call.

Where is the proximity sensor on my Samsung phone?

Although every model is unique, the proximity sensor is typically found near the top of the display’s front. The proximity sensor is internally situated on the top inner portion of the display in the Galaxy S21 series due to the Infinity Display’s reduced bezel.

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